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Just Be Mindful – Mindfulness in a Frantic World.

Delivered by an experienced Mindfulness Trainer, this is an experiential course (online during Covid-19 lockdown)– with a mixture of meditation practices and cognitive exercises – run over 3 weeks or 8 weeks for 2 hours each week – accompanied by worksheets and a set of audio CDs (to support and promote your mindfulness practice).

Mindfulness means learning to pay attention, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally (Kabat-Zinn 1990).

Sessions introducing mindfulness practice as a means of coping with daily stresses and to develop a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

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Relaxation Audio Files for 3 Weeks Course:
Session One: Body Scan Meditation

Session Two: Sitting Meditation

Session Two: Mindful Movement

Session Three: Thoughts and Sounds

Session Three: 3 Stage Breathing Space


Relaxation Audio Files for 7 Weeks Course:
Session One: Body Scan Meditation

Session Two: 10 Minute Sitting Meditation

Session Three: Mindful Movement

Session Three: 3 Stage Breathing Space

Session Four: Thoughts and Sounds

Session Five: Working with Difficulty

Session Five: 3 Stage Breathing (added instruction)

Session Six: Bells


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